black_plane.gif (1201 bytes) Structure

The Executive Committee comprises 15 committee members. They are:  



      Mr. Ivan Chu

Vice Chairman

      Mr. Joe Ng


      Mr. Adam Wong


One voting member from each of the five regions, excluding home carriers, CX, KA and CNAC. List of the regional representatives are as follow.


North Asia

      Mr. Futoshi Nakahara (JL)

Southeast Asia

      Ms. Nonthakorn Trakulpa (TG)


      Mr. Stephen King (VS)

North America

      Ms. Sabrina Hua (UA)


      Mr. Wyn Li (QF)


Whereas, the offline carriers, either having an office in Hong Kong or being represented by a GSA, have their own representative in the executive committee.


Offline Representative

      Ms. Anna Yip (LATAM)


Ex-officio members from:




      Mr. Algernon Yau


      Ms. Arnold Cheng


      Mr. Teddy Lee


      Mr. Andrew Cowen


Representatives from BAR sub-committees:


Chairman of Airline Charges Sub-Committee (CSC)

      Ms. Lucy Mak

Chairman of Airline Operations Sub-Committee (AOC)

      Ms. Liza Ng

Chairman of Cargo Sub-Committee

      Mr. Kenneth Tsui


Excluding the Chairman and Secretary of the BAR as well as representatives from the home carriers, CX, KA and CNAC, all Executive Committee members are appointed by election.

All online air carriers maintaining an office or a GSA office in Hong Kong are eligible for voting membership of the BAR. All offline air carriers with a representative office in Hong Kong are eligible to attend BAR meetings as non-voting members.

Executive Committee meetings are held three times a year. Full meetings are held twice a year.